Hundreds of proven legal pleadings to save your home from foreclosure Pro se now...

Affirmative Defenses


Bias Against Pro-se Litigants


Discovery Practice Handbook


How to find a Trust SEC Filing


How to research a legal problem…


Multiple Pleadings and Form’s links…


Pro Se Litigation Strategy I


Pro Se Litigation Strategy II


Pro Se Resources


The Securitzation Process


Under Water Not Walking Away!


Why Servicer’s Foreclose?


The Foreclosure Crisis, How did it happen?


Letter to the IRS (Americans United asks that everyone visiting this site use this!


Nuts and Bolts of Foreclosure Mortgage Defense


How to Quiet Title ***


Pro Se Legal Representation


“Trustee for Investors”


Court CANNOT DENY any Motion without a hearing


Order in the Court (History of the Clerk of Courts or Misprision of Clerk’s…


Judicial Qualifications Committee Complaint Form


Rules to Disqualify Judge


The Ibanez case and its significance to you...


Pino and the FL Supreme court


Complaint for Fraud Against Home Improvement Contractor


Sample Complaint and Quiet Title Action Against Home Improvement Contractor that Forged a Mortgage


Action Challenging MERS as Plaintiff


Amicus (Expanded)
Motion to Dismiss


Motion to Dismiss


Motion to Dismiss


Memorandum in Support of Motion to Dismiss


Memorandum in Support of Motion to Dismiss


Order of Dismissal


Sample Complaint for Wrongful Foreclosure


Veteran's Letter to VA Concerning Mortgage Foreclosure


Answer to FHA Home Foreclosure


Document Requests re FHA Home Foreclosures


Memo in Opposition to Summary Judgment re FHA Home Foreclosure


Petition to Open Default Judgment in Judicial Foreclosure


Debtor's Chapter 13 Plan


Chapter 13 Plan Providing for Liquidation of Debtor's Interest in Residence


Letter to Creditors Giving Notice of Stay


Complaint Seeking Damages for Violation of Automatic Stay and Unfair Trade Practices


Hundreds More...

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